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Use Spotify Premium on your device to listen to a vast catalog of songs from multiple artists that are being paid for streaming their work.

The main reason for the foundation of Spotify Premium Music was to ensure that music is brought to music fans from all over the world in an affordable way. There has been a loss in the real value of the music industry nowadays, and that is also the focus of this premium music service: restoring back the actual value of the music industry. Spotify is made possible thanks to the labels, publishers, terrific songwriters, and the artists who create and perform all the music that you love.

Spotify Music program

Spotify Premium Music Overview

If you really like to enjoy real music, then a great choice is to install Spotify Premium. There are various reasons why Spotify, premium music service can be the best for you.

First of all, Spotify helps you get access to an endless number of songs that suit you. Do not worry about missing your favourite genre because Spotify has every single music genre available. It has a vast collection of music from the old classics to the latest hits.

Another benefit of Spotify is its availability on any modern device you are using. Computers, phones, tablets and any other device of the likes is enough for you to get access to good music at any moment. You can also browse through various music collections from artists, friends, and even celebrities. Further more you can join a radio station and just sit back and enjoy the music.


It is critical to note that Spotify enables users to get access to the fastest growing catalog of licensed music in the whole world. Music fans all over the world have the privilege of enjoying their favorite artists.

Spotify Premium music is great for artists

Whenever a song is played on the popular app, the artist will be able to earn a royalty payment from the service. All the participating artists and labels get access to in-depth and powerful reporting from Spotify because all the music that is played is tracked.

If you are an artist and want to be featured on Spotify the fastest ways to do this is by contacting a record label or an aggregator who already has an agreement for inclusion with the Spotify. The music service provides a list of labels, digital distributors and aggregators here.


  • available on any modern device
  • artist earn a small royalty payment when their music is played
  • the possibility of the music fans to enjoy their favorite artists
  • fastest growing catalogs of licensed music in the whole world
  • can play any song, anywhere


  • download limit of 3,333 songs per device
  • sometimes audio quality is quite bad
  • bad shuffle
  • the music service is available in limited countries

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